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We offer educational programmes at the Earthquake Museum

All our educational programmes are available in Afrikaans and English.

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We're doing our part on Nelson Mandela Day, National Women's Day and Human Rights Day.

Various exhibitions of the Tulbagh Valley

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Our Museums

. The museum complex consists of four historic buildings all situated in Church Street in…


We have a wide variety of educational programmes that we offer at the Earthquake Museum.…

Public Programs

We're doing our part on Nelson Mandela Day, National Women's Day and Human Rights Day.…


The Christo Coetzee Art Museum at the Victorian

  The exhibitions in the Christo Coetzee Museums have been arranged according to the following prominent movements in the artist’s…

Temporary Exhibition: “One Man’s trash is the Other’s treasure”

  In this exhibition, members of the Emmanuel Society for the Aged brought artefacts which they treasured. Many of these…

200 Mission Work in Tulbagh

  A Pictorial History of the Rhenish Mission at Tulbagh.

Our Town: From Establishment To The Present

  The Dutch were a seafaring nation. They built timber ships to sail the seas to trade with faraway places…






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Our Statement


To develop and maintain the museum’s reputation as an institution of cultural significance and to serve and represent the community of the Tulbagh Valley while contributing to a culture of nation-building.

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To preserve and promote the heritage, both historical and cultural, of the Tulbagh Valley through collecting, conservation, documentation artefacts, education, research and exhibitions.

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The Oude Kerk Volksmuseum derives its name from the fact that the original museum was originally established in the old church (Oude Kerk) of the Dutch Reformed congregation at Tulbagh and that it intended to depict the lifestyle of the people (Volk) of Tulbagh. Members of this church played a pivotal role in the establishment…

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Key Objectives

Strategic objectives:   • To manage the museum efficiently. • To exhibit a representative history of the community in the Tulbagh Valley. • To market the museum through a website, brochures and communication. • To collect and conserve the collections relevant to the theme of the museum for future generations. • To promote social cohesion…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our list of frequently asked questions. For any other questions, please contact +27 23 230 1041.

The Oude Kerk Volksmuseum is situated in Church Street, Tulbagh, Western Cape, South Africa.

We have three (3) price listings; Children (R5), Adults (R30), Silver Bells (60 +, R20).

The area was established in 1699 and was known as The Land of Waveren.

Drostdy is a Dutch word and means Magistrates Court in English.

The old Church was built in 1743, which makes it the oldest cross-shaped Church in South Africa that is still in its original form.

Tulbagh has been named after Governor Rijk Tulbagh, who was the Governor at the Dutch Cape Colony from 1751 to 1771.

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