We have a wide variety of educational programmes that we offer at the Earthquake Museum.

All educational programmes available in Afrikaans and English / Alle opvoedkundige programme beskikbaar in Afrikaans en Engels.

Our Town: From Establishment to the present

Educational focusing on the origin and development of Tulbagh as a town.

National Symbols of South Africa

Learning Area: Social Sciences (History)
Grade: R -6
Duration: 1-2 hours
Integration: Languages, Life Skills, Social Sciences, Arts and Culture

The 1969 Tulbagh Earthquake

Educational Programme on the History of the 1969 Boland Earthquake and the subsequent restoration of 42 buildings in Tulbagh of which 27 are located in Church Street and 5 in van der Stel Street.

Early (pre-colonial) inhabitants in the Tulbagh Valley

In this work pack the focus is on the first inhabitants of South Africa; the San and Khoekhoen people individually. We will look at each one’s daily life, clothing and religion.
Learning Area: Social Science (History)
Grade: 5
Focus Area: San/ Khoekhoen’s daily lifestyle, clothing, diet and Religion
Duration: 1-2 hours
Curriculum: Civil Technology
Link: Visual Art and Life Skills

Heritage Day

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