Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Museum situated?
The Oude Kerk Volksmuseum is situated in Church Street, Tulbagh.

How much is the admission fee?
We have three (3) price listings; Children (R5), Adults (R30), Silver Bells (60 +, R20)

When was the town founded?
The area was established in 1699 and was known as The Land of Waveren.
The town itself was formed in 1743 when the first building, Old Church, was built. The name changed to Tulbagh in 1804, when the Oude Drosdty was built.

What does Drosdty mean?
Drosdty is a Dutch word and means Magistrates Court in English.

When did the devastating earthquake hit Tulbagh and the surrounding area?
The 29th of September 1969.

When was the old Church built?
The old Church was built in 1743, which makes it the oldest cross-shaped Church in South Africa that is still in its original form.

Where does the name of the town, Tulbagh, originates from?
Tulbagh has been named after Governor Rijk Tulbagh, who was the Governor at the Dutch Cape Colony from 1751 to 1771

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