The exhibitions in the Christo Coetzee Museums have been arranged according to the following prominent movements in the artist’s oeuvre:


The Genre Pieces (1947-55) “Intuitive Remembrance”

Small romantic landscapes, still life works and figure and character studies that tend towards the poetic and naïve.


Tubular Baroque (1968-75) “Analogies and topologies”

Consistently fascinated with the ideas associated with the circle as a perfect and closed unity and symbolic source of energy. Sustained interest in space travel and the stereographic and metaphysical issues related to it. Work described as various metaphors for energy. Tubular core of works could be interpreted as a never-ending play of movement.


Mixed Topography (1983) “Transavantgarde dialectic and hypermannerism”

Thematic confirmation of Coetzee’s approach to art as continuous process. Earlier motifs and themes consolidate in a single creation. The human head appears as a central motif as expression of the universal – human beings in all their facets and consolidating his concept of art and creativity to a single kind of subject.



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